ChargeIT Lite is a small and efficient system used as a tool for easy gas handling when locating leaks (leak detection). Avoid time consuming and inconsistent adjustments on a normal gas regulator, whilst the operator with the

ChargeIT Lite just have to push start & accept in order to the gas in and out from the test object. Tracer gas is handled in an efficient way and high background levels are avoided. Settings are normally made once and then the is up and running. The unit is available in two pressure ranges; normal (5 bar) and high pressure (15 bar).


  • Together with a tracer gas leak detector after a pressure-, flow or vacuum decay test
  • After an overal test, normally helium- or hydrogen accumulation tests
  • In reject areas where gas has to be charged in order to detect leaks
  • In machines, instruments adjusted for tough production purposes, just press start & accept
  • To avoid time consuming and inconsistent adjustments on a normal gas regulator


Proof test pressure Adjustable to max. 16 Bar/235 PSI (Abs)
Pressure decay Pressure resolution: 1 mbar
Evacuation Adjustable, vacuum level dependent on the type pump used
Vacuum Decay Pressure resolution: 1 mbar
Helium charging conditions Adjustable to max. 16 Bar/235 PSI (Abs)
Automatic helium mixing Selectable 1% to 99 % helium concentra­tion (depending on volume, pre-evacuation level and charging pressure)
Display panel High-clarity colour touch screen (6” x 4”)
Compressed air requirements 6 Bar/87 PSI (min.)
Air, Nitrogen & Helium connections ¼” NPT
Communication interface RS232 and Ethernet
Dimensions HxWxD
Weight 13 kg/28.8 lbs
Certified for CE, EMC and FCC
Power 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 Amps